The Cross-Campus Enrollment System allows UC students to access a number of high-demand online courses offered across the UC campuses and enroll in them. These courses are developed and taught by UC faculty and instructors and will earn UC unit credit, with the potential for GE, pre-major or major credit based on your departmental and programmatic requirements.

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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
EECS 22Advanced C ProgrammingUC IrvineQuoc-Viet DangFall 2018
FILIPN W101AAdvanced Filipino
  Videofor Advanced Filipino
UC BerkeleyMaria Barrios-LeblancFall 2016
Fall 2017
FILIPN W101BAdvanced Filipino
  Videofor Advanced Filipino
UC BerkeleyMaria Barrios-LeblancSpring 2017
AF AMER 1African American Studies 1: Introduction to Black Studies
  Videofor African American Studies 1: Introduction to Black Studies
UC Los AngelesJ. PierreFall 2018
AN N EA 15Ancient Near East 15: Women and Power in Ancient WorldUC Los AngelesKathlyn (Kara) CooneyWinter 2019
WR 39CArgument and Research
  Videofor Argument and Research
UC IrvineEmily Brauer Rogers
Bradley Queen
Daniel M. Gross
Fall 2017
Spring 2016
Winter 2019
ASAMST W20ACAsian American Communities and Race RelationsUC BerkeleyHarvey DongFall 2017
Fall 2018
A&O SCI 2Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 2: Air PollutionUC Los AngelesJochen Stutz
J.K. Lew
Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Winter 2019
A&O SCI 2LAtmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 2L: Air Pollution LaboratoryUC Los AngelesJ.K. Lew
Jochen Stutz
Winter 2016
Fall 2018
Spring 2016
MGMT 4ABasic Economics for Managers I
  Videofor Basic Economics for Managers I
UC IrvinePeter NavarroFall 2016
Fall 2017
Fall 2018