The Cross-Campus Enrollment System allows UC students to access a number of high-demand online courses offered across the UC campuses and enroll in them. These courses are developed and taught by UC faculty and instructors and will earn UC unit credit, with the potential for GE, pre-major or major credit based on your departmental and programmatic requirements.

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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
FILIPN W101BAdvanced Filipino
  Videofor Advanced Filipino
UC BerkeleyMaria Barrios-LeblancSpring 2017
ASAMST W20ACAsian American Communities and Race RelationsUC BerkeleyHarvey DongFall 2017
DANISH 1BBegin Danish
  Videofor Begin Danish
UC BerkeleyKaren MøllerSpring 2017
Spring 2018
DANISH 1ABeginning Danish
  Videofor Beginning Danish
UC BerkeleyKaren MøllerFall 2016
Fall 2017
Fall 2017
FINNISH 1BBeginning Finnish
  Videofor Beginning Finnish
UC BerkeleyLotta WeckstromSpring 2016
Spring 2018
FINNISH 1ABeginning Finnish
  Videofor Beginning Finnish
UC BerkeleyL. WeckstromFall 2016
Fall 2017
Art W23ACData Arts
  Videofor Data Arts
UC BerkeleyGreg NiemeyerSpring 2016
EDUC W161Digital Learning EnvironmentsUC BerkeleyZachary PardosFall 2017
EDUC W142Education in a Global World
  Videofor Education in a Global World
UC BerkeleyErin Murphy-GrahamSpring 2017
Fall 2017
PSYCH W1General Psychology
  Videofor General Psychology
UC BerkeleyChristopher Gade,
John F. Kihlstrom
Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Spring 2018