The Cross-Campus Enrollment System allows UC students to access a number of high-demand online courses offered across the UC campuses and enroll in them. These courses are developed and taught by UC faculty and instructors and will earn UC unit credit, with the potential for GE, pre-major or major credit based on your departmental and programmatic requirements.

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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
MGMT 111China and the Global OrderUC IrvinePeter NavarroSpring 2017
MGMT 30APrinciples of AccountingUC IrvineMax ChaoSpring 2017
NUT 010VDiscoveries and Concepts in NutritionUC DavisElizabeth ApplegateWinter 2018
PHYS 6AIntroductory Physics IUC Santa CruzOnuttom Narayan,
Joshua Deutsch
Spring 2017
Winter 2018
PHYSCI 121Physiological Science 121: Disease Mechanisms and Therapies
  Videofor Physiological Science 121: Disease Mechanisms and Therapies
UC Los AngelesR.H. WatsonSpring 2016
Fall 2016
Fall 2017
PHYSICS 7EClassical PhysicsUC IrvinePhilip CollinsSpring 2016
Spring 2017
PHYSICS 20AIntroduction to AstronomyUC IrvineTammy Smecker-HaneWinter 2016
Winter 2017
Winter 2018
POL SCI 60Political Science 60: Ethics and GovernanceUC Los AngelesS. LohmannSpring 2017
POL SCI 60ADiversity and Disagreement: How to Succeed in Politics without Really TryingUC Los AngelesS. LohmannSpring 2016
POL SCI 115DPolitical Science 115D: Diversity, Disagreement, and DemocracyUC Los AngelesS. LohmannSpring 2016
Spring 2017
Spring 2017