The Cross-Campus Enrollment System allows UC students to access a number of high-demand online courses offered across the UC campuses and enroll in them. These courses are developed and taught by UC faculty and instructors and will earn UC unit credit, with the potential for GE, pre-major or major credit based on your departmental and programmatic requirements.

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Course CodeCourse TitleHost CampusCourse CreatorTerm(s) Offered
DNCE 007Dance: Cultures and Contexts
  Videofor Dance: Cultures and Contexts
UC RiversideJacqueline Shea MurphySpring 2016
Spring 2017
Spring 2018
EART 3Geology of National Parks
  Videofor Geology of National Parks
UC Santa CruzDavid Osleger
Jeff Gee
Susan Schwartz
Spring 2016
Winter 2018
Winter 2016
ECON 10BEconomics of AccountingUC Santa CruzKevin JonesSpring 2018
ECON 20ABasic Economics IUC IrvineWilliam BranchWinter 2018
ECON 20BBasic Economics IIUC IrvineWilliam BranchSpring 2016
Spring 2017
EDS 124ARTeach Computation/DigitalWorldUC San DiegoElizabeth SimonWinter 2018
Winter 2019
EDS 124BRTeach Computational ThinkingUC San DiegoElizabeth SimonFall 2018
UC RiversideEddie ComeauxSpring 2017
Winter 2018
Spring 2018
EDUC 122EDUC,DIGTL MEDIA&DEMOCT ENGMNTUC RiversideJoseph KahneWinter 2019
EDUC 123SCHL EFFCTVNS &EDUCTNAL EQUITYUC RiversideGregory PalardySpring 2018